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Monday, 24 May 2010

Altered clip board - Wish List

It's Christmas in 214 days did you know that already?  If you click on this you will even get hours and minutes countdown.  Well it can be a scary time for some of us card makers! so I was thinking of nice little presents for my hostess's and this is one of my idea's.  It was just an ordinary clip board but it's now all decorated up with Christmas jingle scrappin kit and has a little note pad for the card list/shopping list or Stampin' Up! wish list!!!

The note pad can be replaced too.

Why not create yourself a Stampin' Up! wish list (click on the Wish List button at the top of this page) then when your hubby/other half/partner/friends/family and uncle tom cobbly want to get you something they contact me, I will ask how much they want to spend and you get something you want from your wish list! .  I will even gift wrap your parcel for them to give to you.

............Until tomorrow....... be crafty.........


  1. Very cute Peg!

    Did you see the one I made on my blog. It is a beach theme though.

  2. Off for a look on your blog to find it and thanks for clearing up the Camp thing!

  3. Hi Peg,

    I've just clicked on the "how many days 'til Christmas" button! How scary is that! You are so organised, I love your project. C x

  4. Having seen this for real - the photo does not do it justice!


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