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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Flowers from my garden - colour inspiration

I said I would take some pictures of flowers from my garden so here they are: I don't know what some (most) of them are called but... they are pretty.  I am hoping to get inspired by some of the colours for some of my Stampin' Up! cards and projects.  Hope you don't find them too boring and in case you do, I will post twice today so come back for a project later..

I think a melon mambo coming on with this one

and this one too or maybe pink passion?

This is of a very small bit of a very big tree and I can't think of any inspiration yet on this one, will have to keep looking.... 

This is part of a Rhododendron coming into flower the 3rd picture at the top is one of the flowers close up.  The pond looks a bit murky but the fish like it! and the moor hens, they have had 7 little ones so far this year but so far today there are only 3 left.... Ahhhh......

I know this one..... it's a Clematis ...

This is mmmmm not sure but I like the colour is it So Saffron or Barely Banana?
So come back a bit later for the project it's a ???????? well it's what I needed  when I was sitting relaxing in the sun!

........Until later today............. be crafty.......


  1. Oh wow is that really all your garden?! So lucky!

  2. Beuatiful flowers, The tree one shouts Kraft and Garden Green to me.....

  3. Wow what a beautiful property you have.
    Like you, I dont' know the names of flowers or plants, but it doesn't mean we can't appreciate them :)

  4. Plenty of inspiration there Peg!


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