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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Stampin up Rub On Candle holder

I used one of the flowers from the rub on sheets this pack had white and chocolate (note to self use some more of these and stop looking at them) put it on this glass candle holder, you get 2 sheets of rub ons in a pack for £7.50 and there are loads on each sheet, this pack is called Hidden Garden Blossoms; don't know why but it made me think of the book "the secret garden" mmmm weird....

The holder is a bit naff to say the least hubby got it as a raffle prize or should I say booby prize at a golf do... normally I put all the crappy prizes in the garage! but I found a use for this one and I had a candle that just fitted..

.................Until crafty......


  1. Gorgeous! I haven't tried this yet...this is really pretty.

  2. You prettied it up very nicely.
    I was up till 4:30 checking out blogs.
    I did take a nap today thought teehee.

  3. Your making this look very classy indeed!


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