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Friday, 11 June 2010

A surprise for me today well yesterday!!!

..... this lovely blog award and it's my first so thank you to Jamie

Thought I should publish this and add my blog awards later as I am short of time.....and I did get this yesterday..... sorry be back with this later...

Now what I have to do is tell you 10 interesting things about me.... that's the hard bit to do... then nominate 10 others for this blog award that will be easier as I visit lots of lovely blogs throughout my daily travels in cyber land....

1. I am an obsessive crafter and love anything paper and bits and by bits I mean buttons, lace ribbon, gadgets and more

2. I work part time as a computer software trainer for a Company in Reading, Berkshire (I live in Worcestershire) my job takes me all over the world but mainly UK and Europe.  My last trip was to South Africa in March this year and this was my second trip there. 

3. I am a gadget girl and love new toys I would love to get an iPhone, iPad and will one day but there may be something newer around by the time this happens!  My hubby stops me doing this and I don't know why I let him!!!

4. I love being at home and don't want to take any holidays at the moment, I think it's because I travel so much with my job and am away from home with that... so being at home is like my holidays, do what I want when I want etc. but mainly crafting in my room.

5. Hate exercise of any form but MUST push myself to do more.

6. Love my Aga.

7. Love food but only try to eat what I should..... lol... lots of lovely chocolate keeps tempting me though.

8. Hate having to wear contact lenses but even worse my glasses, tried to get laser treatment but my eyes are too long sighted so will be old and dribbly by the time technology changes for me......

9. Always wishing for crafting shops like they have in the US and Canada, they have soo soooooo much more than here.

10. Can never think of things to put and I wouldn't say these were that interesting but if you got to number 10, thanks for looking...

Will be back to this to add some blog awards and thanks again Jamie for the award...

...................Until crafty.......

1 comment:

  1. So nice to learn some things about you.
    I really enjoy your blog, and thank you so much for all your sweet commnets on my blog.


I love reading your comments, and I always try to reciprocate! Bloggy love is something that ought to be shared, not hogged. :) Thank you for sharing!