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Friday, 2 July 2010

Mr Paint Pot Head

 Okay this is DH being silly... he was painting the outside of the house and the door bell rang I went to answer and he was standing there with the inner part of a dried paint tin on top of his head... I nearly wet myself laughing so had to get a shot on camera.... 
I love it when I get a real belly laugh, I think I should laugh and smile a lot more... maybe though I shouldn't have got the watermark on this photo.... oh well too late now.....tee hee

He will kill me...... it's on the www for all to see....

Anyway quick one for today 
 this is perfect plum and pale plum using the Its beautiful wheel (I love this wheel) and the matching stamp set A beautiful thing which is a 2 step stamping set so you will need the Stamp a ma jig for this.  Oval all set and the oval punches.  Life is a beautiful thing is what it says and today it is, as will be tomorrow....

.........Until tomorrow..... be crafty....


  1. And I can claim that to be my brother!!!! There are a lot of people who would love to see that photo.
    Well done Peg for getting the shot, and at least he was finishing(?) off the house painting.

  2. I think it suits him! When my DH wants to cheer me up he breaks into his own special version of Riverdance - very inexpert and very, very funny. Love your purple card - I'll be sad to say goodbye to Pale Plum. V.excited about all the new colours though!

  3. HA!!! I NEEDED THAT LAUGH!!! Your hubby sounds like a winner! Love the photo!

    The card is cute, too.....(but I think your hubby has upstaged you on this post!)

  4. Sometimes I don't know how our guys even think of these sort of things to make us giggle, but I'm pleased they do. We all need to laugh more. Thanks for sharing! Love the card too! Hugs C x

  5. Like the hat Gary, you certainly a good look there!
    As you know love the purples, I think you should set up a petition to keep the colours and send it to stampin up!
    Les x

  6. LOL on your hubby.
    Mine made me LOL (which is easy to do). We had Canadian tatoo's (the kiddy ones) well he put on on his cheek (I don't mean the one on his face either) When we were putting in the baseboards he bent over and he had a I love Canada tat on his butt. I almost wet myself LOL. I did take a pic, but not sharing LOL


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