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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

So cute scrapbook layout

When I was blog reading from my list of 'have to visit blogs' to see what has been happening.... this was on Sunday night... well my blogging friend Tracy had been to her camp and they had had some fab hot weather then a storm was coming and she posted a photo of it.... and honest I was there in that picture transported in miles.... it was a very eerie experience I can tell you.  I could smell it... you know the smell of rain well ozone smell really and that made me think of some of the great memory smells we get.  Like roast beef cooking on a Sunday, dettol (my dad always added a bit of this to his bath) I always think of my dad when I smell this and not hospitals weird.

I thought I should list a few nice smells and memory smells....

grass cuttings
freshly cut wood and the oil that you coat it with to keep it good
and creosote
pen ink the stronger the better you know permanent ink pen smell
staz on ink pad
Givenchy gentleman (mens aftershave) love this smell
my shampoo (Charles Worthington)
washing when it comes in off the line and when it's being ironed (not that I have done any for a while, tut tut)
New carpet smell
the inside of a new car
clean babies (like the Stampin' Up! Stampin Mist)

If you are still with me so far there are loads more that I love but you must be bored now so I will get on with the layout ....

This is my great niece her name is Ruby.

I did this a while ago and it was my first ever scrapbook page and I did it to show at my parties as well as cards etc.  It shows off the Stampin' Up! punches -  spiral, scallop edge, tab, boho blossom and I even got the paper to match her dress (I think the paper is retired now though) the buttons are from the earth elements pack.  Garden Whimsy butterfly and the colours were bashful blue and real red.  The picture was taken in 2008 and she is 4 now so in the picture she would have been 2.... ah! love her to bits.

What smells give you your memories? leave a comment and let me know.........Until tomorrow....... be crafty....


  1. This is a beautiful layout, that little girl is so adorable.
    I know what you mean when you saw my picture. I love the smell of a storm. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I also love the smell of cut grass. My list could go on forever.
    I wear a certain perfume. Very suttle. Well my oldest daughter loves it. So I told her to put some on, She said no because its my smell and it wouldn't be right for her to smell like me. I was like oh an old lady smell, LOL. No she said that is just your scent I don't want to take it from you. How sweet is that.


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