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Saturday, 24 July 2010

splodged background

This is Saturday then..... I am glad.... got back from Essex yesterday afternoon and didn't sleep well at all in the hotel on Thursday night well didn't finish work until 1am so there wasn't too much of the night left anyway..... the pillows were really hard and they had itchy coo blankets! YUK I hate that, why don't they have duvets in these hotels? I wouldn't mind but it cost the earth to stay there.  I always think about who might have slept there the night before and put their legs and worse still..... their bum and bits on that blanket ....... so I end up waking up thinking I might have touched where they have been..... I know.... too much information but I will remember next time before I book to ask if they have 'orrible itchy coo blankets? or a lovely crisp duvet cover.....

So onto today's card this was fun to do, splodge some ink (I used Stampin' Up! reinkers) onto whisper white card but first spritz the card with water and the ink makes this sort of mess (but I like it) let it dry and then stamp the little leaf on 3 pieces of torn confetti card attach to punched tags, threaded with some fibres and then hunt in the garden for a nice twig to wrap it around.  I attached a couple of beads to the fibres and voila done!

I was going to make my own beads but remembered I had these beads so thought I would use them up...

..................Until tomorrow......... be crafty......


  1. This is such a wonderfully "messy" card. Fab techniques. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. I just love your rustic twiggy card Peg. And I'm with you on the itchy coo blankets! Didn't think anyone had those any more.

  3. I am with you on the hotel stays. I have a post about my anxiety about hotels.
    But they say that the sheets are washed daily, but the comforters not so much.


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