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Monday, 9 August 2010

Boys and their toys

Yesterday was my table day at the Far Forest Show I have to add that I didn't get to see a thing at the show apart from the inside of my tent, luckily Sue popped by to say hello and got me a cup of tea (thanks Sue) otherwise it would have been water all day.  Even though DH was there he was helping on parking etc so didn't get to have a look about but I am told it was a great day.  

 I thought I would show you a couple of my cards from my demo's  as well as these boys playing around in the water.  So scroll down to see the cards.....oh and a picture of the stand.  It was a good show and I had lots of ladies interested in classes and having a party to make cards with their friends, so all in all a good day today.

A couple of boys just messing about not on the river though.... it's our pond and our neighbour wanted some reeds for his pond that he has just created.  So of course the best way to get them out of our pond into theirs was to take the boat out and pull them out.
It all looked a bit shaky to me and believe me I know what it's like to fall out of that boat and in!!! it's quite deep too!!  so it was hand in and pull hard
I know I  am horrible but I would have loved a picture with one of them falling in just so I could have a 

  Looks like there was lots of steadying going on but ..... no one did fall in.....

Anyway onto some of my samples from yesterday....

This was my little table at the show very early in the morning before anyone arrived.  I did manage to get the one behind later as the lady who had booked that one didn't turn up.  See the pole in the middle just beside my chair? well I danced around it later in the day!! I had a lot of practice in my youth!!! lol .... not really! pole dancer I am not.... bet I could have made a bob or two though if I had tee hee

This is one of my demo cards using the wheel over a template of punched holes.

and this is one using creamy caramel, I am going to miss this colour.

and finally this is a tall DL card and not my usual size of card but I think it looks good, I added a few stamped and punched boho flowers. and some certainly celery ribbon.
............... Until crafty.........


  1. Hi Peg,

    What a great post - so much to take in! Love the look of your stand at the show, I must get one of those banners. Hugs C x

  2. Gorgeous cards, as always!

    A photo of one of them (or both) falling in would have made for some pretty funny blog fodder, for sure! :) (Yes, I am evil!)

  3. I have to admit that as I was slowly scrolling down reading your post, I was hoping to see a big splash with 2 men soaking wet LOL.
    Your set up is very nicely done.
    Your cards are beautiful.

  4. Love the DL card - I'm into making the long slim notebooks that Natalie showed us at Stamp Wirh Us. Thus design would work well. I'm doing a church Xmas gayer in October and have several notebooks already done.


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