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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fish Frenzy

Back home and loving it.....this working is so getting in my way..... do you ever get your head full of stuff? just stuff that annoys you, well I am annoyed with my head because some of my filing cabinets are full inside and need a clear out...... I remember a comic when I was younger I think it was called The Beezer and it had a cartoon in it called the numbskulls they were little people living in a mans head and some looked after the eyes, ears mouth etc well I wish the one's in my head would tidy up! and have a clear out......

I was looking through some of photo's on my laptop and I obviously took quite a few over the last few months out in the garden.  Probably to get some inspiration but I don't think I got much from these fish! as you approach the pond they all come swimming up in a frenzy for some food, we feed them on bread and there own type of food of pond sticks.   The owners prior to us never fed them so not sure what they eat when we don't give them stuff, probably flies and bits of who knows what I don't want to think about that really....

So thought after sharing this photo I should show you something crafty.

 A sweet treat cup with glittered water you can find out how to use the water in the cup on Elaine's blog here  I used the same glitter in the cup as well as on the tempting turquoise card.  I stamped the whale I call him Whally and the polka dots using basic gray.  The fine Cosmo glitter is in a 5 pack available in the main catalogue.
Here is a close up of the fishy cup; the fish stamp is from Something Sweet stamp set.  After I took the photo's here I put some more glitter coming out from the whales blow hole and it looks really good.

The treat cups are available in the mini catalogue for a measly £2.50 for a box of 12 and the box can be decorated after you have finished with it too!  Why not place your order with me today and add a pack of these there are some delightful padded polka dot envelopes too so posting is not a problem.

................Until crafty............


  1. Such a crafty card!

    Ah yes, the fishies find stuff to eat...mostly algae and bugs...not to mention the eggs and larvae of bugs that live in the water. Excellent mosquito control!

    I wouldn't feed them bread, though....messes up their system and can actually kill them. (Ok, I'll stop with the fish speak....used to breed/raise fish and had several ponds in my life time.) I know - I'm a fish geek!

  2. Cute card. I love interactive cards

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. so sweet of you.


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