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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

All in the Family baby with glasses

I so love this set and have only just got it! I have been wanting it for ages but you know there is always something else I got before it, anyway I decided to stamp the little baby and put some glasses on him/her.  I should have worn glasses from a baby I weighed in at 4lb 10oz and was a premature baby so I think that is why my eyesight was not so good.  Well I would like to think I might have looked as cute as this one ha ha.

  I didn't really wear glasses until I was 16 I used to say to Mom and Dad "I have left them at School" and tell my teacher "I have left them at home, so my eyes got worse and worse anyway I started wearing contact lenses and that was that no worries about being called 4 eyes anymore, spotty maldoon was another name I got called as I have so many freckles!!! Kids are cruel aren't they.......

.............Until crafty.........


  1. Hi Peg,

    I have tried to leave a comment on this card earlier but did not succeed. :( So here I am again...

    This lil' baby with glasses is such a cutie-pie.

    The pastels look lovely as well as everything else about the card.

    I can relate with this card because I started wearing glasses at age 11 and hated it. Went on to contacts at 14 and laser a few years ago. And now I am glasses/contacts free. That is real freedom!

    Thanks for your regular visits. Believe me they are good for me.



  2. How adorable!! I absolutely love the pastel colors...and that cute little die cut!

  3. Children can be brutal - but you get the last laugh - look at your glamorous self now! Love your cute baby card and am very tempted by this set too...

  4. I agree with Vicky.
    The glasses they have now are so stylish though aren't they.

    Cute card.


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