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Saturday, 29 January 2011

I'm Back

Well it's Saturday and I am back from Stornoway and glad to be home, as always................ thought I'd show some pictures

For Tracy this is a picture of the black pudding (I won't tell you the ingredients as it usually puts people off but the taste is really yummy, well to me anyway, if you really want google it) If I take a picture of my dinner with it in you wouldn't really see it as it will be stuffed inside the chicken breast.....

 anyway this black pudding is exported all over the world and is apparently the best
this next picture is the view from stornoway airport, I just loved the sky colours and how the clouds looked like they needed ironing!

This was a colouring station for kids to sit at while they wait, I think he looks quite menacing but kids probably wouldn't eh? I wanted to do some colouring so bad....... I really have missed crafting ...

This next one is the arrival lounge, I took this whilst sitting in the departure lounge! such a small but cute airport, it's a shame they are so big else where really.  Love that statue, I guess it's something to do with the Vikings? The name Mac????? is from the Vikings meaning "son of" this is what I found out when I was training, the customers database of names had so many Macsomething's.and not so many Mcsomething's they say the Macsomething is the Viking thingee.

 I can't believe how quiet the airport was, I promise I didn't break in during the night and take these pictures! it really was whilst I was waiting....

This is a close up of the statue

Well another week gone and another trip over for work.   So off to do some crafting...... will be back later to show what I do....

.......... Until crafty......

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