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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stampin' Up! Daisy #2 die and.......

...............the Top Note again!!!!

Let me first of all say sorry it's late, working from home and didn't check if it had posted!
Just checked!
Here it is now!

Secondly let me give you a laugh......
yesterday I sent my nephew a shirt card and guess what? my sister Jane rang me last night to say Cliff loved his Birthday card but I hadn't written on the inside!!!  lol or what, I wondered how he knew it was from me but he said the writing on the envelope.
Apparently he is going to send it back to dh for his birthday at the end of this month, funny eh? you have to laugh.

anyway onto today's card. it's the #2 Daisy die and of course the Top Note! again!

I wonder what the #1 die is like? we don't have that in our Stampin' Up! catalogue yet ......

any questions let me know....
punches used for the corner and little strip across the top were scallop edge and scallop trim corner.

...........Until next crafty......


  1. I love the flowers Peg - they look so pretty and cheerful. OK you've convinced me - this die is now at the top of my wish list! Gill x

  2. Great card with lovely colours. Don't worry about the card, I did that once as well for my dad's Father's Day card 2 years ago....he worked it out too !! A xx

  3. Absolutely love this card, it’s so effective, can’t wait to get my Daisy die next month. Keep carding!!!

  4. Great card Peg and thats good not writing inside your card you sent it can now be recycled maybee start a trend we could put a post it note inside to say who it was from har har Luv Sue x


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