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Monday, 20 June 2011

Saturday night out

Well no crafting done yesterday as I was travelling, the roads were just awful and road works seemed to be on the whole route so limited to 50mph.

However, I have got a couple of pictures from out 21st Birthday Party night out and as I said there was a theme of Alice in Wonderland, so we dressed up as White Rabbits!

These are the hats I made and one fluffy tail!

this was dh in his outfit! he will kill me when he knows I have posted it on here!!!
tee hee

Ha Ha not one of me.................
but this was one of the table I was sitting at can you see my cup and saucer and yep I drank from it all night and everyone else had tea cups and saucers too ............. well the beer drinkers had mugs!
Mine had some lovely Pimms in it.....

There was a big table with all the younger people sat around it and I have to say it was a fantastic night and very well organised, even live music and the birthday girl Holly sang too, watch out X Factor she was really that good.

I didn't drink any of the contents of the above bottle although I did wonder what was in it?

Anyway....... Until next crafty..........

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  1. Brilliant Peg looks as if youve had a great night out Luv Sue x


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