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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Flight of the Buttefly

Well I am back but so angry tonight I can't begin to tell you and I have cried a bit tonight as well but that was with anger more than anything.......... the man who fixed the computer said if you pay X amount we can sort it and not lose anything from your of course this was the preferred choice and guess what my laptop came back and I wouldn't know it was mine!!! everything is different and everything is LOST, all photo's all software the lot............. I have just managed to download software for my watermark which thank God I had safe! and put back on my camera software,
all our photo's are gone all Office software gone......all documents gone
what can I say? I have never been so upset or angry EVER!
If I had known he was going to do this I could have copied everything! why are they such ***holes?

Anyway, I made this card with Nanny Barb in mind as she emailed and said she was missing my regular email updates on my posts and I know she has flight of the butterfly stamp set so this is for you Barb x

Hope to be back with some scheduled posts as I have a busy 4 days of work instead of 3 next week.

Have a great Saturday night and Sunday.....

................Until next crafty...........


  1. How awful Peg - I feel for you
    Margaret x

  2. Sorry to hear you lost everthing I would be suicidal if I lost mine. would need to resign as couldn't work without it. The card is lovely simple but beautiful.

  3. Oh Peg i am so sorry for you took mine in on Saturday i hope they manage to retrive all my stuff else i will be crying with you !!!!
    and what a lovely gesture and card i am sure Barb will treasure it Luv Sue x


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