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Monday, 21 November 2011

Our Wedding Anniversary today

Well another year on so 15 years today we got married across the pond in Australia and you can see some pics on last years post here

Well in previous posts I have said how dh and myself don't send cards to each other too often.... if I'm honest .......... at all ............

Well today I woke up to receive this card!!!   Last year I made a Happy Everything card so that dh could send me a card!!! or visa versa lol ... anyway last week I spent ages sorting through and tidying all my cards and put them nto massive under the bed clear box's and believe it or not in some sort of order....... WELL I was proud of my sorting out and had to, of course, show hubby my tidy handywork........... never did I realise he would go through the cards to find THIS one to give to me today.........

So as I didn't actually make him a card YET! while he is off playing golf, I should go off and make one eh?

.............. Until next time ......... be crafty .............


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both !
    Have a nice, happy relaxing day!
    All best wishes !
    Jane x

  2. Happy Aniversary Peg hope you are doing something nice together tonight and the card you made is lovely Luv Sue x

  3. Happy Anniversary, Peg. I remember those lovely pics you posted last year. Gosh, a year has flown by.

    The card is sooooo elegant.

    xxx Monica


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