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Monday, 5 March 2012

Stampin' Up! Thank you card and waiting for food!

Happy Monday!

I think we all dislike Monday as it's the first day back to work for most of us and today I am off to Halifax for a couple of days so no crafting for me! 

In fact I have to say I don't seem to have done too much recently, well apart from for classes and I can't count that really, or can I?

Anyway the title about the waiting for food is all about a pair of ducks we seem to have acquired on our pond, they have been with us for a couple of weeks and have already started knocking on our Kitchen doors for food!  We have always had Ducks land on the pond but not stay as we had a family of Moorhens but now there numbers have dwindled to 1 the Ducks are staying.
This is them heading off when they see me with the camera!

This is them playing I'm hungry

they even came to say hello on Saturday to the class I was having, aren't they lovely

Here is a card I made recently I saw a similar one on Pinterest sorry I can't remember who had made it but if it was yours then let me know so I can give credit

Have a great day ............. Until next time ..........


  1. The ducks look so cute. I love you card Peg.
    I have also awarded you a Leibster Blog Award if you go to my blog. I love seeing all the new projects you come up with every day. A xx

  2. Brilliant card Peg, I love the colours and the layout. I joined Pinterest yesterday ! Didn't know you were on too ! Isn't is great ?
    BTW, love your ducks; you'll have ducklings on your pond before long!!!
    Jane x

  3. Ahhhh Peg your own duck family hope they have babies for you !!! and the card is so lovely take care Luv Sue x

  4. Cute visitors and I love your card. It's yummy. Lovely to chat with you. Zx

  5. Wow, where have I been.
    Your card is so pretty.
    Looks like your friends are right at home :)


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