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Friday, 8 February 2013

Established Elegance and Wheely Bins!

Sleep or lack of it!
Last night and the last few nights I have been awake from around 2/3 o'clock not nice at all!
I even tried sleeping in our guest room, it's really cosy in there and No nada zilch it didn't work either

Oh well I'm sure I will be able to catch up soon.

Here is a funny story ..... we havea wheely bin for our rubbish and another for recycling and have to take it to the end of our drive (about 80 yards long) on a weekly basis for collection by the bin men.  Well this week it was the rubbish collection and someone liked our bin better than theirs and swapped it!!! the replacement they left us with has NO WHEELS, so funny to see hubby dragging it back........ funny thing is why didn't they just get in touch with Refuse Collection and order another one? like we have had to do now....  Our friend suggested hubby get in the recycling bin next week and watch out for the culprit in case they are after that one too!  I had thoughts of him sitting in it with 2 peep holes and popping out and scaring the hell out of them ............. too funny!

Onto today's card

My friend and fellow demonstrator Jane has made some lovely cards using Established Elegance and she certainly inspired me to get this stamp set for myself, take a look at some of her creations on her blog.

Hope you weren't too bored with the story today and thanks for popping by for a look.

Until next time ............ happy crafting ....


  1. Hi Peg - this is beautiful and so elegant ! I love how you have done the top label and thanks for reminding me that I have forgotten to order that ribbon for the second time ! I appreciate the link - you'll have to teach me how to do that ! Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight ! Jane x

  2. Thanks for the wheely good laugh and oh, the card is fab! Enjoy the weekend. C x


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