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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Struck by lightening


Our house was struck by lightening on Monday!

So I have been unable to get on the Internet as our phone lines are down and the Internet.

I'm accessing from my iPad and its painfully slow..... I may not be able to show the stamp set of the month tomorrow but hope I can get to email it to my club ladies so that we can place our monthly order.

BT have said due to lots of problems with the storms and others affected by lightening they may be able to get to us tomorrow!! Fingers crossed.

I have been creating though and have a lovely project to share when all this gets sorted.

Thanks for your patience

Until next time..... Hopefully soon!,


  1. Oh no, that's awful. You don;t say if your house is ok, so I assume there was no major damage but what a thing to happen! I would be lost too without internet access, so hoping BT get it sorted soon for you xx

  2. Looking forward to seeing your project - hope you are up and running again very soon ! Hugs Jane xxx


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